U.S. Tax Benefits for Exporting the IC-DISC

  • Presentation Time: 1 hour

  • NOW updated to include:  The Export Disc Corporation Computer Software And Internet Sales And Licenses

Veteran South Florida Tax Attorney Richard S. Lehman will explain the “IC-DISC” a hidden gem in the tax code.

U.S. taxpayers that sell, lease or license “export property” which is manufactured, produced or grown in the United States (more than 50% of the DISC materials sold must be made in America), can take advantage of strong support for their export profits in the Internal Revenue Code.

The IC-DISC has been approved as an acceptable tax planning entity for the export of American produced computer software and programs as early as 1985. In 1998, a very detailed set of Treasury Regulations were issued that have added certainty to this area of the law.

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