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These United States Tax Law on-demand videos are offered to everyone at no cost. These  materials can help U.S. Taxpayers become aware of their legal rights.

IRS Streamlined Compliance

Amnesty Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Ponzi Schemes

The Safe Harbor

The Clawback


After Lehman has lengthy discussion on the topic of I.R.S. effectiveness with the Government Accountability Office representatives regarding the Madoff ponzi scheme.

Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate

1. Tax Planning Techniques For The Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate

2. Real Estate Investments – Foreign Investor Estate & Gift

3. Tax Planning Techniques – The Like Kind Exchange

4. Real Estate Income and Estate Tax Planning Techniques

5. Real Estate – The Tax Planning Techniques – LLC.

6. Real Estate Advanced Tax Planning – Portfolio Loans

7. Real Estate – Individual Foreign Investors

United States Taxation of Foreign Investors (General Overview)

1. U.S. Taxation of Foreign Investors

2. The Substantial Presence Test And NonResident Aliens

3. U.S. Source Income And The Foreign Investor

4. Foreign Source Income Rules

5. Maximum Use of Investment Entity for Foreign Investors