Testimonials from a presentation to the Realtors Association Of The Palm Beaches by Richard S. Lehman Esq.

TOPIC: Tax Planning Techniques For The Foreign Investor In United States Real Estate

Presentation topic was Tax planning techniques for the foreign investor in United States real estate


Testimonials from Live Webinars via the CPA Academy by Richard S. Lehman Esq.

TOPIC: The I.R.S. Amnesty Program & The New Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures

“Excellent job for a hard subject.”

“Richards knowledge of the subject matter was outstanding, complex subject presented in a simple and understandable manner.”

“Everything was great. The presenter was very knowledgeable!!!”

“As a fellow practitioner I was pleasantly suprised at Richard’s ability to take what is extremely detailed subject matter and simplify it. It was a fitting example of experience backed explanatory technique.”

“I think it was one of the best tax webinar’s outside the “big 4”.

“Great topic, instructor was very knowledgable.”

“Enhanced my previous knowledge on the IRS Streamlined Offshore Program”